History is a collection of stories.

That’s a super cheesy, cliched thing to say, I know. It also happens to be something I truly believe.

And, like any good story, history is complicated. The characters have their own goals, motivations, and fears. The plot lines occasionally end up somewhere surprising and odd. And every event is significant to the greater narrative, even if it seems somewhat…haphazard in nature.

Haphazard History is about telling these stories. The weird ones. The fun ones. The ones that make you turn your head and say “huh”. Because our everyday lives are pretty “huh” sometimes, and I think that being able to make connections to the past makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn about the building blocks upon which the modern world rests.

I also just want to make puns and trash talk people who are way too dead to beat me up for it.

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